Welcome to "the" OFFICE

We are a unique relationship experience brand

this is why

Through our work, we want to create bonds between people, that are filled with emotions and deliver a sensation so spectacular, that it remains unforgettable and undeniably unique.

through these we promise

more engaged customers
flawless integration
commercial interaction
unique relationship experience

Use our capabilities to deliver the results your business need


Besides being creative, we use our cool research tool to gain insight and data, and utilizing that our talented people work together to meet or better exceed client goals.

Event Management

Events that brings people together in places that thrill the senses. Coordinated, planned, constructed by our project managers and field specialists we will bring you places you have never been before. We happily deliver talent management and sponsorship activities alongside.


Taking care of the environment does not mean costs only. Our background and portfolio items can be used as leverage to drive brand value and long term growth – also in profit.

Loyalty Marketing

Our clients like their customers happy and want them to come back time and time again. Whether by incentives, sponsorship, or by integrated shopper marketing the existing customers are key to get stable revenue. Our skills will help you to get the customer engagement you desire.

Experiential Marketing

Emotional bonds are not easy to make. Creating stunning EDM events made us realize we have the possibility to make a difference on both individual and group level and it is our belief that we can make an impact through our services that is meaningful, relevant and interesting.

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