Faith in Trance Management Ltd. as the owner of the websites,,, informs it’s readers that
while handling visitor or personal data we obey the regulations concerning
personal data protection and the publicity of publicly interested data as per
the 1992/LXIII (Avtv) law regulation.

We hereby advise about how we handle visitor data and about our efforts of protecting
them while providing information about stakeholder rights and how to claim these rights.


1. The data handler
The handler of the visitor data is Faith in Trance Management Ltd. (hereinafter Data handler)

2. Data involved
a) each time a visitor hits a webpage of ours, the name of the page and the time of
visit gets recorded

3. Purpose of data handling
a) data mentioned in section 2 / a is collected to increase operational security of the website.
b) the Data handler does not use the collected date for any other reasons as stated in
section 3 / a)

4. Period of data handling
a) data mentioned in section 2 / a – visitor data – is kept for 1 month.

5. Access rights to Data involved
a) data mentioned in section 2 / a can be accessed by the site owner alone.

6. Data security
Data is stored on our servers that are hosted in a protected server room environment.
External access is protected by firewall.

7. User rights
a) visitor data mentioned in section 2 / a is recorded automatically to validate legitimate
interest of Supplied Group.

8. Rights enforcement
Stakeholders are entitled to seek justice in case of law infringements. The Court handles
these claims out of turn. The demonstration of the fact that the Data handler handles the
involved data according to the Law regulations is the obligation of the Data handler. The
assigned Court is the same as the Data handlers, but the stakeholder can initiate the law
process at the assigned Court of it’s own.

a) the Data handler is responsible for reimbursing the damage that was caused by handling
the data unlawful and not within the terms of technical data protection. The Data handler
is also responsible for the damages caused by the Data processor. The Data handler however
is exempt from responsibility if there is evidence that the damage has been done outside of
it’s data handling scope (force major) or when the damage was caused intentionally or by
negligent behavior of the stakeholder.

b) stakeholders can request assistance from the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection
and Freedom of information through any of the later availabilities:
Address: H1125 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsébet alley 22/c
Phone: 0036-1-391-1400
Fax: 0036-1-391-1410
E-mail: privacy AT



In case you have questions of comments regarding the visitor data automatically stored by
Faith in Trance Management Ltd. please contact us on any of our availabilities on our webpage.

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